A Background Analysis Of Major Elements Of Technology

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The lot is currently for use by permit holders only. “Our goal is to make it a multi-use lot,” said mayor Dave Rhome at Monday night’s non-voting meeting. “We have recognized that we need to be more flexible in that area.” The borough will add a parking kiosk to the lot and is considering changing the length of time people can park in kiosk spaces. Currently, visitors to Canonsburg can park for up to six hours in a kiosk spot. To help with traffic flow, the borough will vote Monday to decrease the maximum parking time to four hours. The borough will also vote to increase parking rates to 25 cents per 15 minutes. Metered parking has been set at 25 cents per half hour for several years, but council noted surrounding areas, like the city of Washington, charge $1 per hour. Also next week, council will vote to make Jefferson Avenue one-way from Pike Street to College Street. The one-way designation will go into effect for 90 days, at which time council will assess whether or not the change helps with traffic flow and parking.


George Calhoun This is why Fabless IC companies like Nvidia or Qualcomm are able to claim the lion’s share of the total industry value created (described in more detail the previous column).   But to achieve this, the Design firms rely on the EDA and Core IP segments for very specialized help.  “Integrated circuits were designed by hand and manually laid out…” - Wikipedia This doesn’t happen anymore. A modern integrated circuit may comprise billions of elements – far too complex to design “by hand.” Design automation means – well, just what it sounds like: it is a suite of software tools to automate the design process, to manage the scale and complexity.  “Imagine the difference between designing a small house versus designing a mile-high skyscraper. For the skyscraper you need to design sophisticated structural, electrical, plumbing, security and environmental systems, communications and computer networks, elevators, etc. all working together. This is analogous to the dramatic increase in complexity that designers must tackle in electronics today. It is this complexity - enabled by the relentless onslaught of Moore’s Law - that drives the need for automation. Engineers need to validate their concepts, model and analyze their designs, identify and eliminate problems before making production commitments.”  The firms that provide EDA technologies – like Cadence, Synopsys, and Ansys – are less well known than the mainline semiconductor firms in the basic segments. But while EDA suppliers may seem to be “in the background,” their products are critical to the success of the IC development process.  EDA firms are very powerful value-creators, with P/E and P/S ratios higher than any of the main semiconductor article source industry segments.


Nathaniel Parish Flannery More than anything O’Neil thinks that Lopez Obrador is failing to take advantage of the opportunities that are open to Mexico right now. “There are big global shifts happening today that will affect Mexico down the road and I don’t think [Lopez Obrador’s] government is preparing for those,” she said.   “We are seeing global supply chains move around. Mexico is not taking advantage of the fact that so many companies are in play. That is something I think they are missing out on,” O’Neil added. In the manufacturing sector, “we are seeing automation [and] artificial intelligence. That will mean a real change in the way business is done. I don’t see Mexico recognizing those changes much less preparing. The world is changing and Mexico is not recognizing that the economy ten years from now will be very index different from the one today,” O’Neil explained.   There are big shifts happening in global supply chains and Lopez Obrador is failing to fully take advantage. “Now is the moment.


Burson’s previous Waco murals include an arresting abstract design on the side of the former Hey Sugar candy store building on Austin Avenue, shipping containers outside Brotherwell Brewing, Brookview Hills shopping center and the Yaki food truck. The ArtPrenticeship program, run by Waco arts nonprofit Creative Waco, works to provide local high school students a sense of the professional and commercial side of art through paid apprenticeships and collaborations with professional artists. Past ArtPrenticeship projects have splashed downtown and East Waco with color, with murals at Brotherwell Brewing, Waco Family Medicine’s Martin Luther King Jr. Community Clinic, The Cove and TFNB Your Bank For Life. ArtPrenticeship program director Stefanie Wheat-Johnson is overseeing both mural projects, which are expected to finish this month. Even with the considerable experience of seven previous mural projects, the current two offer new challenges. The wall's height has added to the mural's challenges. For the Hippodrome mural, it is the 55-foot height of the back wall, requiring a lift with a boom high enough for artists to reach the top of the wall. For the Dr Pepper Museum mural, it is the overall area, with the 2,600 square feet to cover. When finished, downtown Waco will have new and varied designs for city visitors and residents, Wheat-Johnson said. Burson’s Dr Pepper Museum mural will employ bold and bright colors in an abstract wink at advertising art, examples of which are found in the museum’s exhibits and holdings.

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