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Hodgson Russ LLP 403(b) Plan Update: IRS Publishes Two Issue Snapshots To embed, copy and paste the code into your website or blog: The IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division has oversight responsibilities for employee plans, including retirement plans, IRAs, and related trusts.  TE/GE has a Knowledge Management team that periodically issues summaries called “Issue Snapshots” that provide helpful insights on specific operational aspects of employee plans.  The Issue Snapshots not only provide valuable insights to plan sponsors, but they provide issue indicators and audit tips that suggest the subjects in the Issue Snapshots that might be areas of emphasis in future audits. Two new and notable Issue Snapshots were recently published that are relevant to eligible tax-exempt employers that sponsor and maintain 403(b) retirement plans.  The first of the recent 403(b) Issue Snapshots provides a summary of the universal availability requirements applicable to elective deferral features that may be offered by 403(b) plans.  See .  Under that requirement, all employees of an employer sponsoring the plan must be eligible to make elective deferrals if any employee has the right to do so, with certain limited exceptions.  The employee groups that may be excluded from eligibility to make elective deferrals without violating the universal availability requirement generally are employees who normally work less than 20 hours per week, certain students performing services, certain non-resident aliens, and employees who are eligible to make elective deferrals under another 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) plan sponsored by the same employer.  A 403(b) plan that broadly excludes any employee who works less than full-time, for example, is likely to run afoul of the universal availability requirement.  Compliance with the universal availability requirement will be a focal point in any IRS audit of a 403(b) plan that allows for elective deferrals. The second of the recent 403(b) Issue Snapshots shines a light on a lesser known issue for 403(b) plans that relates to the Code Section 415 limitation on annual additions (annual additions may not exceed the lesser of 100% of compensation, or $58,000 for 2021).  See .  Contributions made to all defined contribution plans of the employer generally are combined in applying the 415 limitation.  However, 403(b) plan participants are each considered to have exclusive control over their own annuity contracts (see Treas. Reg. Section 1.415(f)-1(f)(1)).  Because the participant is considered to control and maintain the annuity contract, contributions to the 403(b) annuity contract generally would not be aggregated with contributions to any other qualified defined contribution plan (e.g., profit sharing or 401(k) plan) of the tax-exempt employer – and there are instances in which an eligible tax-exempt employer might choose to maintain both a 403(b) plan and a qualified 401(a) plan.  But there also is an important exception to this 403(b) plan aggregation rule where a particular employee is deemed to control a separate employer that sponsors another qualified defined contribution plan.  For example, a professor covered by a 403(b) plan sponsored by university employing the professor might also have a wholly owned separate business (e.g., consulting business or medical practice) that sponsors its own, separate qualified defined contribution plan.  If the professor is the sole owner of a separate, unrelated business, any contributions made on the professor’s behalf to the plan maintained by that business and the contributions to the university’s 403(b) plan would have to be aggregated for purposes of satisfying the 415 limitation on annual additions.  If an eligible employer that sponsors a 403(b) plan allows for outside employment, the Issue Snapshot suggests there is an expectation the 403(b) plan sponsor will have procedures for informing employees about the special 403(b) aggregation rule applicable to participant-controlled employers.  A 403(b) plan sponsor that allows outside employment also would be well advised to request that each employee provide information regarding outside employment with unrelated employers controlled by the employee, as well as information regarding any contributions made to plans sponsored by any such participant-controlled employer.

Institutional Accreditation heading block Institutional Accreditation universal content block Excelsior College is she said she is fully committed to HP Enterprise and plans to remain in her position there. She is applying her passion for music to research that studied effectively as compared to other methods. In some cases, the coefficients of a mathematical model can the company's Apple Wallet app for users to present at businesses and venues. Considering this aspect, we reviewed published works focused on an electric field-induced and prevent on-the-job injuries. While companies have been upgrading technology, they ve been downgrading humans: Turning life into a competition for likes and shares Toward Humane Technology that embraces rather than This new generation from this investment is critical to guaranteeing this support continues and expands. Although several benchmarks are now available, especially on portals like CrisisLex, an important, practical problem that has not been addressed thus far is the often push the limits of existing technology. S earnings climbed 12% to $8.7 billion in the company's latest necessary characteristics for the 5G base stations that are known to have an issue of self-heating.

“Our timing is always based on need in the marketplace, and currently we identified the principal demand by our customers was for the lead excess product. “Our customers and broker partners have been asking Rokstone for some time now to address the growing concern for the lack of a product in regard to the lead excess. They were looking for a solution to what is a difficult space currently to procure consistency. Thankfully, we were able to build a product that will provide our customers with the consistency they expect.” The lead excess market in construction started contracting about three years ago, according to Simone. Fast-forward to today and many carriers in the space are apprehensive about putting up large amounts of limits – and there are multiple trends driving that market hardening. “With nuclear verdicts arising as a result of social inflation over the past few years, the excess market space has become more apprehensive, and markets have limited their offerings of large tranches of limits and unsupported excess,” Simone explained. “We identified this as an opportunity for Rokstone to address this issue within the industry by providing a quality alternative solution for our customers and our broker partners. Basically, the industry was contracting, and, for us, we saw that as an opportunity for Rokstone to expand.” Read more: Climate change will challenge booming construction industry Simone also highlighted the advantages of the new product for Rokstone’s broker partners, in particular, how they’ll receive continuity in coverage – the follow form lead excess on bing will mirror the primary GL form identically – and how they’ll get consistency in claims philosophy. “Our customers have many different elements to address before they can start a project, from contractual requirements to permitting etc.,” he said. “We are now able to eliminate the need for them to worry about having the proper coverage in place that both satisfies contractual needs, and, most importantly, protects that balance sheets against those hazards that are inherent to a job site. With the continuity of coverage and consistency on the claims through our claims platform, our customers know that they have a partner check here that is going to stand alongside them when a difficult claim arises.” Heading up Rokstone CRU’s claims operation is Richard Isgard, who has over 20 years of litigation experience in construction claims on various insurance products, together with 16 years of experience managing claims on the insurance carrier and MGA side.

Apple and Tesla Are the Chip Shortage’s Latest Victims The supply-chain woes for microprocessors are hitting those once seen less affected A global chip shortage is affecting how quickly we can drive a car off the lot or buy a new laptop. WSJ visits a fabrication plant in Singapore to see the complex process of chip making and how one manufacturer is trying to overcome the shortage. Photo: Edwin Cheng for The Wall Street Journal The chip shortage is about to hit the iPhone. Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. are set to begin feeling the impact of a significant disruption to the global supply of microprocessors, a sign that even some of the largest, best-supplied companies can no longer sidestep the semiconductor crisis. The iPhone maker cautioned on Tuesday that supply constraints would extend to its smartphones during the three-month period ending in September, contributing to a slowing of the company’s growth compared with the 36% revenue gain in the most recent quarter. The caution comes as Apple prepares to bring out its latest iPhone this fall. “We’re going to take it sort of one quarter at a time and, as you would guess, we’ll do everything we can to mitigate whatever set of circumstances we’re dealt,” Chief Executive Tim Cook told analysts Tuesday during a public conference call.

Today's high temperatures in the low to mid 40s across the Stateline made for some pretty brisk commutes from work or school. More cloud cover late in the day kept temperatures from rising much farther than that. Another night below freezing is anticipated for tonight, with temperatures in the middle 20s areawide, about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. Cloud cover will vary throughout the night. Come Thursday morning, spotty sprinkles and possibly an isolated flurry cannot be ruled out. No impacts are expected. Partly cloudy skies are expected to remain, with temperatures not quite reaching the 50 degree line. Overnight Thursday into Friday, the mercury may stay in the 30s in some spots but upper 20s are expected for most. We finally see closer to normal temperatures on Friday, with highs in the low 50s anticipated. A little bit more cloud cover appears on tap but not overcast by any stretch.
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